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Digital Marketing Case Studies  

...that trigger conversations, interactions, questions and sharing so that you become a better marketer

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Case Study 
- showcase success stories
- attract new business
- forge partnerships
- connect with experts
- hire talent

Case Study 
- share opinions
- validate assumptions
- make suggestions
- ask questions

- get noticed by the 'gurus'

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Digital Marketing Agency Owner

I'd like to showcase our successes and attract high quality leads. I'm also always looking for good talent and hope to engage with brilliant minds on my case study pages.

Small Business Owner

I'd like to showcase what has worked for us. I'm sure someone out there can give me suggestions on what else I can do to attract more clients.

Digital Marketing Strategist

I'd love to share whats' worked for me and get ideas from the community, that I could use on my next campaign.

Digital Account / Project Manager

I'd like to learn how certain teams managed client's expectations, timelines and budgets when things went off track.

Social Media Influencer

I'd like to showcase how I've helped brands reach millions of followers. I also look forward to attracting more clients within my niche.

Traditional Marketing Professional

I'm always looking to reduce my cost of client acquisition and discover new markets. Happy to learn whats' new in the digital space and probably hire the right agency for our next campaign.

Sales Professional

I rely on our marketing department for generating warm qualified leads that I can close easily. I'm eager to connect with case study presenters in my vertical and probably refer them to my marketing department.

Public Relations Professional

I'd like to share some of our success stories and attract the right kind of business enquiries. I'd also love to check out others' case studies and connect with the right kind of influencers for my PR campaigns.

Affiliate Marketer

I'm always looking for emerging trends and platforms that i can use to reduce my cost of lead acquisition. I'm eager to interact with the community and pickup a few tricks that I could use today.

Senior Executive

My team does awesome work. I'd however like to inspire them with proven successes and push their boundaries even further. Also looking for the next promising agency to hire.

SEO Expert

Google keeps updating their search algorithms all the time, which makes it hard to always stay ahead of the curve. I'd like to stay up-to-date with whats' really working.

Blogger / Vlogger / Content Expert

I'm always looking for content ideas that have worked, and that I can draw inspiration from. Would love to connect with other marketers and collaborate.

PPC Expert

Managing media budgets is challenging and I'm always trying to improve my ad CTRs and conversions. I'd love to see whats' really working for different target audiences across verticals.

Web Designer / Developer

I'm constantly trying to improve the on-page experience and conversions on my websites. I'd love to see what others are doing to get better results.

Digital Marketing Student

I'm still learning Digital Marketing and feel I'll fall behind if I'm not up-to-date. I'd love to follow case studies, and learn whats' working.

Image courtesy for all buyer personas | Unsplash and Pexels