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About Us – Digital Marketing Case Studies

About Us

We are a group of enthusiastic marketers putting together a one of its' kind education portal for marketers.

Why DigitalMarketingCaseStudy.com?

The world of digital marketing continues to evolve and change every moment, making it practically impossible for someone to stay up to date all the time with everything that's happening. Marketing technology companies continue to innovate, while end consumers continue to grow tired of being sold to. 

This phenomena is here to stay.

In this chaos, someone somewhere is always figuring out how to make sense of all this and truly connect with the end consumer. We'd like to give these marketing 'heroes' a shout out for their awesome work, and offer them a platform to showcase their results. These success stories should hopefully inspire and educate those who'd like to push the bar themselves.

If done properly, the end consumer should be more welcoming of marketing messages as he /she sees value in what's being offered. i.e. the consumer shouldn't have to consume and endure pieces of poor marketing in the process of getting what he /she needs and wants.

That's the audacious vision we have.

How will this portal help marketers?

The basic idea is very simple.


Subscribers will get access to Digital Marketing Case Studies that are much more engaging and interactive than most case studies out there. This just-in-time education should help them in multiple ways.

Select a Buyer Persona to see how you may benefit.

Some of the features on this portal would include:

  • Faceted search so you get the most relevant case studies based on multiple criteria
  • Direct interactions with case study presenters so you get the low-down, uncut version
  • Community requested marketing experiments so you know what really works
  • An active market place for businesses to hire their next agency, influencer or marketing expert
  • Self-paced e-Learning courses on various digital marketing disciplines by the best of the best

The team

At the helm of affairs is Raghu, a seasoned digital marketer and business leader with over two decades of experience in the media space.

He is accompanied by fellow marketers who believe in the cause and would love to contribute behind the scenes, for the promise that this portal holds.

If you'd like to join the gang of nerdy marketers, connect with Raghu on his LinkedIn profile with a message about yourself and how you'd like to get involved behind the scenes.